What you will get

If you want to have a tour of Takayama, this bike tour is the best way to learn the history of Takayama.
Our friendly and knowledgeable guides will take you to main attractions such as Jinya, Kokubunji, Morning market, and deeply local spots such as local drinking district, and beautiful hidden spots in Takayama where you would never been without the local guide. 

What makes our tour unique? Our answers are

1,This is the ONLY bike tour in Takayama.
2,You can visit most famous places in Takayama in 3-hours tour.
3,After the tour, you can explore the town with local and historical


*Please note that this tour includes a gentle uphill. However, we would be happy to walk up with you if you want.(Just 5 minutes!) 

Description Time 09:30-12:30

Rate ¥4,500

Reservation E-MAIL info.isitetakayama@gmail.com
Meeting Place 114% Localization Tour Takayama Office

Note Available between 1-6 people over 9 years old 


Takayama Jinya

We will start the tour with the introduction of Japanese/Takayama history. You will learn how the city was founded. 

Samurai Area

You will cycle through the area which used to be for Samurai. The guide will take you to the old days. 

Yamazakura Shrine

This is the hidden gem of Takayama where you will find the very local tradition which has been handed down for ages among locals. 

Kokubunji Temple

There are a huge Ginko tree and some old structures. Our guide will show you not only the history of them, but also the hidden legend and the local story. 

Miyagawa Morning Market

You will enjoy shopping, tasting, talking with friendly locals. 

Coffee Time!

Tea and coffee break will wait for you with an amazing view after the cycle up to the hill. 


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